Common Observations while boating on Sylvan Lake:
1)  Check Batteries & make sure Lights work Properly
2)  Carry an alternate light source in case lights become disabled
1)  Lights on at Dusk
2)  Boats should drive in a counter-clockwise pattern around the lake
3)  Faster boats should stay away from shorelines
4)  Skiing, Personal Watercraft and Small sailboats with-out lights must be off the lake at dusk.
5)  Non-Powered Boats and Slower Boats have the right of way.
For more information – get your copy of the Indiana Boaters Safety Regulations at

 HANDBOOK, Indiana Boating Laws and Responsibilities.

Indiana Boating Laws and Responsibilities, boating handbook.

 No Wake Zones on SYLVAN LAKE 

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 Indiana Boater Safety, Laws and Responsibilities​

Download (pdf) handbook now. Indiana Boating Laws and Responsibilities. Be safe on Sylvan Lake:

No wake zone map on sylvan lake

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